Primary & Remote Diagnostic Viewer Technology

Primary & Remote Diagnostic Viewer Technology

IntriVIEW® offers state-of-the-art medical imaging technology, enabling instant access to diagnostic grade images and reports on a variety of computers and mobile devices. The remote reporting software provides a secure, centrally managed solution that easily integrates into existing infrastructure and can be deployed as a workstation, web or mobile solution. This non-proprietary viewer allows for an integrated clinical workflow, collaborative viewing sessions and offers a diverse range of image manipulation and viewing possibilities with real-time access to patient images through one consistent and easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

Diagnostic viewers for remote reporting

Benefits, Features
FDA & CE Clearance

FDA & CE Clearance

First viewer to receive both FDA and CE worldwide clearance for all modalities


Multiple Viewing Options

Diverse functionality and image enhancement capabilities to suit all clinical requirements



Simplified image sharing between healthcare facilities and radiology professionals

IntriVIEW Phone Mock-up 1
IntriVIEW Phone Mock-up 2

Remote Viewing

Enables remote access to patient studies on Android, Windows, OSX and iOS devices

Image Retrieval Speed

Image Retrieval Speed

Unsurpassed image retrieval speed allowing faster access to critical data


Remote 3D Rendering

The only mobile viewer with on-the-fly 3D rendering and MIP/MPR

Up to 6x Faster than any mobile viewer

IntriVIEW® offers quicker access to healthcare information, increases team collaboration and enhances communication among practitioners and patients.


Extended Features

Deployed as a workstation, web or mobile solution

Benefits, Features

Hanging Protocols

Multi-modality hanging protocols, personalised per user and travelling with user from station to station


Advanced MIP/MPR

View images with advanced MIP/MPR, with slice thickness adjustment, 3D/Slab view and average intensity projection



Users can select from a collection of pre-defined grid layouts to view up to four series at a time on web and two series at a time on a tablet



Support for multiple colour or greyscale monitors and a worklist monitor for easy comparison

Access to Related Studies

Access to Related Studies

Easy access to entire patient history, avoid time-consuming procedures like performing multiple searches and loading studies individually


Extended Non-DICOM Access

Increased access to any file type for a complete view of the patient record

Split-view Mode

Split-View Mode

View any key images that have been previously saved with a study

Mobile Measurements

Mobile Measurements

Precision measurements on mobile devices, a unique and powerful lens tool for measurements on the go


Total Integration

View complete patient records with seamless access to images

Embedded Voice & Video Collaboration

Embedded Voice & Video Collaboration

Enables secure, HIPAA-compliant live collaboration connecting providers to other providers or their patients