Full Spectrum Radiology Information System

Full Spectrum RIS

IntriRIS® focuses on the workflow of the radiology department, by controlling and automating the workflow process step by step, enabling paperless, patient-centric care by using individual IntriPACS3®/IntriRIS® modules. A personal worklist provides the radiologist with insight into the available studies and all processes, and user interactions throughout the workflow are traced and recorded in order to extract management information for quality control purposes. RIS workflows are completely automated for each specialist in real time. Information can be accessed directly with no manual intervention, meaning that each specialist in the diagnostic and imaging process benefits.

Key Features

Managing the workflow of a radiology department

Benefits, Features
IntriRIS Worklist
Input Validation

Input Validation

Automated population of patient information on the RIS directly from the medical aid

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Workflows are completely automated according
to practice needs and requirements


Advanced Management Reporting

A comprehensive set of reports allowing complete analysis of your practice

IntriRIS® offers complete electronic management of patient schedules and resources, making radiology departments more efficient, effective and profitable.


Extended Features

Full spectrum RIS and workflow automation

Benefits, Features

Medical Aid/Input Validation

MAV validating of medical information in real time

Multi-language Support

Multi-Language Support

Multilingual access to medical documents and image archives


Workflow Management

All processes and interactions are traced and recorded

Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Extracts management information from automated workflow processes


Cloud Dictation

Speech recognition system that allows medical diagnostic dictation and reporting

International Standards

International Standards

Developed in accordance with IHE and HIPAA guidelines


Web-Based Access

Instant access RIS via the web

DICOM/HL7 Conformance

DICOM & HL7 Compliance

Compliance in the integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information

Secure Data Transfer & Storage

Secure Data Transfer & Storage

Vendor Neutral Archives for storage and retrieval