About IntirHEALTH and the Radiology Revolution

IntriHEALTH® and the Radiology Revolution

Radiology represents nearly 8% of total national expenditure on health care and is one of the largest categories of hospital budget, touching almost every patient and disease category. Efficiency in the imaging process, including scheduling, interpretation and translation, has major impacts on patient outcomes. Doctors and surgeons rely heavily on the printed and digitised image to correctly diagnose patients. There is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality and availability of images and clinical data management solutions.

The healthcare industry generates an overwhelming number of images, and the size and volume of these files are increasing at an astonishing pace. It is estimated that PACS storage requirements in U.S. hospitals alone have grown at a rate of ±20% per annum for the past 5 years.

Advancement in imaging technologies has helped fuel this image explosion and has led to quicker and more accurate diagnoses.



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Now, more than ever, it is critical that healthcare enterprises have systems in place that provide seamless access to images, so that practitioners can diagnose & treat patients faster.

As the global medical community shifts towards a more integrated, cross-departmental workflow, the opportunity for clinical collaboration has meant an improved degree of patient care and a higher level of efficiency. Healthcare organisations can dramatically decrease the time it takes to access images and attain second opinions, improving communication and significantly reducing costs.

Today the healthcare industry is more dynamic than ever before. Innovative new technologies have sufficiently enhanced the way medical practitioners diagnose patients, review images and seek second opinions. IntriHEALTH® has led the way in combining medical imaging technology and diagnostic solutions that reflect this shift towards a new global model of enterprise image management.

IntriHEALTH® understands that when healthcare is driven by interconnected information, the community of medical professionals is empowered to create better patient outcomes.